So much for winding down Terrace Consulting to enable me to change direction. I’m still being asked for business advice and getting more involved in the voluntary sector. 

2020 has been a year of highs and lows, depending on how you look at life. For some the rāhui in March 2020 gave us time to slow down and think about what is important to us.  For many it was a time of despair as revenue dried up and we wondered how we would continue to pay the mortgage and feed the family.  Others took the opportunity to stop, breathe and take stock of life, and our business. Overall though it has been a time of wondering and worrying about the future.

As a small business itself, Terrace Consulting has had to reconsider what we do and pivot, so we understand the concerns of small businesses. 

Let us work together so your business can become sustainable in case we have another lockdown or another new pandemic, even some years away. Terrace Consulting can help you unlock the potential of your business to pivot in the new ‘normal’, to determine what that new ‘normal’ looks like for your business by developing:

and Mentoring and coaching

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