So much for winding down Terrace Consulting and Filing Services to enable me to change direction. I’m still being  asked for business advice and getting more and more involved in the voluntary sector. Its all good though and I’m enjoying the challenges.

The rāhui during the Covid-19 crisis has given us time and therefore the opportunity to clear our email clutter, a job that do often just doesn’t happen.   Check out my blog Inbox Zero for some tips to get you started.  Then for more detailed information on clearing out unwanted and often unecessary emails, go to my free ebook 8 Ways to Manage Your Email Inbox

If you want me to help your business grow, improve or change your processes, I am available for short term assignments.  I can help you to find the information you need, when you need it, quickly and easily. Let us work together to help your organization to be more efficient with simple and effective systems and processes to organize your business information.

Helping you to:
Provide consistent advice to Management, Boards and/or Government
Save time, reduce stress, lower risks, increase profits

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