Good habits around email

Last week in this blog I talked about the dreaded email in box and gave you some ideas on how to keep it in control.  I promised to give you some hints for good email habits.  And here they are…

Email Good Habit 1

Turn off email alerts so you aren’t distracted every time a new message arrives.

Make a point of checking emails once or twice a day. Put an action alert beside any that need action today or tomorrow, then make sure you take that action on time.

Set aside uninterrupted time each day to deal with emails. Put this time in your calendar or diary and make sure others in your office know that this is not the time to knock on your door and ask if you want to go out for a coffee or to invite you to an impromptu meeting.

Email Good Habit 2

Set up folders so that emails on specific topics or from specific people or groups are stored together and don’t clutter up your inbox.

Use a star or a different colour for emails that need action, need to be read or are just for interest or reference

Email Good Habit 3

Set up rules or filters to send emails directly to specified folders when they arrive.  This will help you to control your inbox.  When you’re ready to read your emails on a particular topic or from specific people, you can focus on one folder at a time.


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