Email Management – love it or hate it

When I gave this presentation recently I started by saying that the email experience is different for everyone – some people get maybe 10 emails a day while others get 100 or more. Each situation needs a different approach to managing email.

Email Management – Presentation to Business Forum July 2014

Discussion during the presentation included the different ways people use email – some people will be sitting at a desk and able to access email any time during the day, others can only access it before or after work and others can get it on their phone all day.

People in a service industry, eg carpet cleaners, can use email to get requests for service on their mobile phone and respond immediately – very impressive for their customers and likely to attract more customers.

A desk-bound worker who gets a myriad of emails each day might use the subject line and the first 2-3 lines of the message to flick through all the recent emails and sort out themes that might need further attention or what messages can be deleted there and then.

I anticipate there will be some useful information here for everyone who uses email.  And these days not many people don’t.

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