Communication is almost more important than cashflow

To those of you still at work this week, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy thriving business in 2015. For those already on holiday and reading this in January my wishes for you in 2015 are the same.

To help you get thinking about how you will have a successful 2015, I want to share some thoughts on communication. I’ve had three interesting experiences recently that are top of mind right now.

The legal firm I’d been with for 30 years has changed significantly and I had no relationship with the current lawyers so decided to change to a firm that is also more conveniently located. When I changed I decided on a firm where I knew of one of the partners from local Chamber of Commerce and business networking (good reference for networking).

Communication mistake #1

In the process of getting documents from the previous firm I found out that they had merged with another – no communication to their clients from the old firm or their merged colleagues about this.

Then my new firm updated all my documents to fit their ‘template’! I had asked for some minor changes to some of the documents but didn’t expect or get told that they would rewrite the documents in their own style.

Communication mistake #2

Outcome? – not a happy client. I’ve sorted it out now and am working with another lawyer in the same new firm. But I came very close to starting over with another legal firm.

The other experience is related to getting the roof of our house painted. The painting contractor phoned last weekend to say he would get the painting done early January. He was rather surprised to hear that the scaffolding was already up as he hadn’t confirmed a date for that with the scaffolder.

Communication mistake #3

To cut a long story short there were at least two instances of poor communication between the painter and the scaffolding business owner that led to this mix-up and an unhappy customer who has been unable to use our outdoor living area during that time.

The painting has been done now (at some inconvenience to the painter but that’s not my problem) and the roof looks great. I’ve also sorted out the issues I’ve been having with my new legal firm and happy again there.

Poor communication can cost you dearly in your business and can get you some negative publicity through word of mouth. That can be hugely damaging.

So in 2015 how about you make a resolution that you will communicate well with all your customers or clients to help you on the way to a thriving profitable business.

Best wishes for 2015.



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