Where is the valuable intelligence in your business

Business information, whether electronic and hard copy, holds valuable intelligence about your business activities.

Losing this valuable information, or being unable to access it quickly when needed, could result in loss of contracts and lower profits.

Team members need access to important information quickly and efficiently.

If information is not efficiently organised, it will not be available to others when needed.

If only one person knows where and how information is filed or stored, other team members will be unable to access it when that key person is unavailable.

Your policies and procedures for keeping business records will reflect the information flow and ensure that everyone is able to work efficiently.

It doesn’t take much effort to develop a policy for managing your business information. Business processes will flow out of the policy statement. The business gains (productivity and then financial) will be worth so much more than the time taken if you have a simple easy-to-understand policy for managing information and some quick and easy procedures for everyone to follow.

Surely it’s worth a try.

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