About Us

Judy Owen established Terrace Consulting in 2002 after working as an Information Services Manager in government agencies for 12 years followed by five years with an IT consultancy firm.  During these years she saw major changes in the way businesses worked using available and relevant technologies to create and manage information in a range of business situations.

JO photoThese were the times of moving from purely paper-based filing systems and library materials to increasingly electronic information environments.  Judy and her associates have helped and still help numerous individuals and organisations through this sea-change.

For five years Judy was an Accredited Independent Auditor for the Public Records Act (PRA) audit programme in New Zealand.  She has a sound understanding of the PRA and what is needed by government agencies.  Her knowledge and expertise is invaluable across different types of businesses and organisations.

In recent years Terrace Consulting and our associates have worked with a range of organisations from small businesses to corporates and government agencies to develop sound business systems and processes that enable them to adapt and change so they work efficiently.

Now we are pulling together all the experience we’ve gained over the years to help people achieve the change they want so they have a business that is sustainable in and beyond this Covid19 time

With Terrace Consulting, we give our clients  a comprehensive service that leads to systems and processes they  need to run their  business efficiently and sustainably.