Consultancy Services

For practical yet innovative solutions that will help you and your people to access and manage your business and to make the most of your corporate knowledge.

Terrace Consulting has considerable expertise in business management, from government processes and regulations to small/medium enterprises (SMEs).

Judy can work with you to improve your processes and access to critical business information.

Our services to you include:

  • Mentoring and coaching
  • A review of your business including your systems and processes to enable you to pivot your business to changing circumstances quickly and easily
  • An action plan for change
  • Strategic planning
  • An overall plan for business management, with specialist expertise in managing and organising business information
  • Change management and relationship building
  • Business process improvement
    • Policies, procedures and processes
    • Business case
    • File and archiving systems

Terrace Consulting brings you a broad range of management skills:

  • An experienced practitioner and manager
  • Broad management experience
  • Sound understanding of how the Web environment can enable greater productivity and more flexible work processes
  • Sound reputation for doing a good job, completed on time and within budget
  • A professional approach
  • Wide network that can be used to bring in other specialist expertise when needed.

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