Improve your Business Processes

What do we mean by business processes?

Basically we’re talking about the activities or tasks that you do every day to keep your business running smoothly and profitably.  These activities could include:

  • Ordering products to sell
  • Paying for products or services
  • Training staff
  • Marketing the business
  • Customer service
  • and many other tasks.

If you are aware that some of your processes are not working as well as they did, or they need to be modified for the pandemic situation, or you just think things could be done better, then its time to think seriously about making some changes

Before you make any changes you need to understand what needs to be changed. You need to:

  • Know what you want to achieve from any changes
  • Identify specific areas of your business that are not working well and why
  • Identify areas where you can improve efficiency
  • Prepare a plan for the changes, perhaps with a focus on what can be done quickly and for least cost.  That is, what will give you more bang for your buck
  • Take action
  • Monitor results

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