The team that tapes POTUS’s papers back together for legal preservation

A group of records management analysts in the Old Executive Office Building next to the White House has the most unusual assignment – taping together documents that President Donald Trump rips up as part of his unofficial “filing system.”

Armed with rolls of clear Scotch tape, Solomon Lartey and his team sift through large piles of shredded paper and put them back together, Lartey told Politico, “like a jigsaw puzzle.”

Sometimes the papers would be split down the middle, but other times they would be torn into pieces so small they looked like confetti, according to the Daily Mail.

from Emily Goodin U.S. Political Reporter for DailyMail



I’m aware that I’ve been a bit quiet recently and I’m sorry about that.

It’s partly because of the volume of work designing and implementing filing systems and processes for clients who believe they can do better at managing their business information.

It’s been quite time consuming on site with clients, determining their needs and  then working through the process to get their new filing system designed and in place.

It’s also because I’ve been working on an exciting web-based development that will make it possible for businesses to benefit from my experience without my physical presence in their offices.

I’ve commissioned a new web site that will link from the Terrace Consulting web site. The new site will focus on on-line learning with step by step instructions to design and build a filing system and associated processes that will work for any small-medium sized business.

I plan to have a one-stop-record-keeping-shop that will include sample policies, guidelines for naming files, version control as well as how to design and implement your own directory or filing structure for your paper files, electronic files and email.

This will to make it possible to spread my expertise and experience further afield to businesses that I can’t get to in person.

I’m going to sign out now for 2012.  I’ll be back in January with an update on the new web site.  I expect it to go live by the end of January.

Meantime, I hope you’ve had a profitable 2012, will have a relaxing time over the holiday period and be ready for a super-charged 2013.

Season’s greetings to you all.