Cost-effective administrative support for small businesses

Did you read Lisa Martin’s story in the DominionPost recently?  Her business GoFi8ure provides everyday bookkeeping and accounting support to small businesses before they get to the point of needing a full time office manager.  GoFi8ure provides bookkeeping and other administrative services to free up small business owners to do what they do best – run the business.

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An office for your home-based business

Often a home-based business is started from the home where you live amongst the everyday goings on of a family household.  Generally as the person running the home-based business you will find a spot to do the administrative work somewhere in the house.

This may be on the dining table when everyone else is in bed or you may be lucky enough to find a corner of a bedroom or living room where you can keep your office stuff (PC, telephone, paper files etc) in one place with minimum disruption for and from the family.  While not ideal, this can work while the business remains home-based.

If however you are looking to move house, suddenly you have the opportunity to decide what space is needed for the office of the home-based business in your new home.

As you consider the family requirements for a new home, make sure you include your requirements for your home office. To do this you will need to have a clear picture of yourself and how you like to work (self-knowledge).

You need to consider what your business needs to operate effectively.

  • Is it purely administrative?
  • Do you sell products that need to be stored?
  • Are you involved in drawing up plans that need to be stored vertically so they don’t get damaged or creased?
  • Do you hold confidential information about your clients, eg personal data, financial data etc?
  • Do you work entirely with electronic documents or do you tend to use a lot of paper?
  • Do you need to store paper records for some time after you have finished working with a client?
  • How much storage space do you need for this sort of archival material?
  • Can you scan it and store it electronically or do you need to keep it in paper form?

All these factors, and more, can help you to decide what sort of space you need for the office of your home-based business.

So many questions and so much to think about.

For a full check list of deciding factors, or to talk about your home-based business needs, contact us for a free consultation.